Episode 111 – Ninja Tips to Increase Engagement

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Ninja Tips to Increase Engagement – In this episode of Business Growth Time


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05:25 – Tips to Increase Engagement – Engage Your Audience and Keep Them with You

#1 -Doing a Facebook live is one of the biggest ways to be engaging with your audience.

  • It would become more engaging because you’d need to reach more of your audience to tell that you are live.
  • 80% watch after the fact of a Facebook live
  • The more engagement will happen and more people hop on when it’s live
  • It was episode 101 with Bonnie’s Frank where we had a nice conversation and she actually gave a bunch of live streaming tips

#2 –  Be more engaged (Post stuff worthy of engaging)

  • If you want more engagement, be more engaging
  • If you start paying attention to other people they’re gonna go out of their way and start paying attention to you
  • If someone takes the time to comment, you should take the time to comment and engage
  • Post stuff worthy of engaging
  • Post stuff on brand,
  • *The bottom line is if you’re more authentic and engaging it will come back to you.

#3 – Space out your responses

  • Space out your responses, so posts stay top of feed
  • Jump into memories and you can revitalize a post just by commenting on it.

#4 – Create mutual admiration society

  • You just share each other’s post, you like each other’s post and you get six or seven people to comment on the majority of your content,  it does increases the reach. However, Facebook and Instagram is beginning to watch this and might crack down on it.

#5 – Understand what your audience wants

  • Some people are really niched and you really need to stay honed in on who they are and talk to them
  • You might have a few different mixes of audiences, so you might be talking to different people at times,

*It’s all about consistency and just staying consistent

  • Stay consistent and persistent in front of your audience, example Social Coffee Time with Janet every Thursday at 9AM CST

#6 – Recycle content from the past  that had good engagement

  • What did you do last year that worked, is it something that you could repurpose and reuse?
  • You can use it a year, two years later
  • Comment on something from the past brings it back to the surface
  • Create something that you see the engagement worked really well.

#7 – Last one of our Tips to increase engagement – Post at a variety of times until you know when your folks are online

  • Boost your times to various audiences , Janet says, *That’s how you see these videos go viral is by your switching up audiences all the time!”.

Do you look at the Facebook Insights?

  • In Instagram, if you have a business account, you can look at the insights and they tell you what are the most engaging times.
  • You’re gonna learn over time what the best times are for you to post and then start moving your posts that direction.

15:08 –  Value Ad of  Audience Engagement

  • You have to know what your network or what your group, your followers are looking for and share information that’s relevant to them.
  • Humor is always a big one

*But again, it has to be on brand, relevant to you and your business and platform-appropriate

26:41 – Content frequency matrix

  • The actual schedule that you put together.
  • Just make it easy, build systems around sharing content

27:52 – Special offer on social media training program by Janet E Johnson

  • Social Strategies 101 Social Media Community
  • Teaches all about how to build that content calendar and all these methods in there too
  • SEE a Return on your Social Media Efforts with Social Strategies 101 Online Course

We want you to take action and use one of our tips to increase engagement. We’d love to hear how it goes!



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