Episode 116 – Facebook vs LinkedIn Video

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In this episode of Business Growth Time, we talked about “Facebook vs LinkedIn Video .”

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Time Stamped Show Notes about Facebook vs LinkedIn Video:

1:46 – Facebook Live on Social Coffee Time

  • One way a page could reach people was doing a Facebook Live

5:17 – Terry’s videos (#10Tips10Days by Terry Bean)

  • This video leads from where you are its lessons from everyday leadership
  • You can find the videos using these hashtags #10tips #10days
  • You would actually find this video in numerous other videos from other lengths and creators

10:36 – The Social Coffee Time show

  • This social Social Coffee Time show on our podcast is getting a lot of downloads
  • Janet still believes that in a Facebook page videos by far because there’s a reason for that

11:19 – If you want to hear more about how to use these videos and how Terry’s using LinkedIn videos and Janet’s using Facebook videos.

  • Tune in to our podcast Business Growth Time and definitely subscribe
  • Terry’s got some tips on how to use video and create what’s called a smart link so you could put a series of videos together.

12:50 – Day four of the ten tips ten days this video

  • This video had 952 views, this video was on the idea of knowing who you are and the entire frame of the video was Terry’s license plate.

14:20 – The reason why Janet’s still stand behind a Facebook page videos

  • Janet’s have been doing very well with doing a set of up there Facebook ads and coach them
  • If you’re looking at just organic and you’re never gonna do a video viewer audience and do a Facebook ads then go to LinkedIn.
  • If you know your ROI and if you know your strategy, videos still hot on Facebook

17:29 – LinkedIn is growing in terms of user base

  • LinkedIn just hit 575 million
  • CNBC reports: YouTube is about to pass Facebook as the second biggest website out there...READ HERE!
  • The four visiting websites are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and Yahoo.

22:22- Terry’s video on LinkedIn, talks about authenticity and why video matters

  • It showed it had 730 views and that was in about ten hours

25:31 – Next video on the list called “Mutual Admiration Society”

  • This video is about shining the light on other people and saying who’s doing good work in just making other people aware of cool folks.
  • 2262 views, 35 likes, and  46 comments
  • Definitely a great way to position yourself as a good guy and in people love when you shine the light on other folks

27:01 – Video Tagging on people

So, you just want to have a real purpose behind it and think what the strategy that you’re doing on LinkedIn has a true purpose behind it.

27:57 – Terry’s last video

  • The last video dropped three weeks ago
  • Almost 4,000 views, 73 likes and  fourteen comments
  • It starts with a bit of a rant today stop telling prospects and others how busy you are you’re not busy you’re blessed
  • Make sure you’re putting it on LinkedIn then equally important make sure you’re putting on Facebook and then but do it natively

29:42 – Repurpose your content

  • Repurpose your content put it to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Make sure that you’re using this content in a methodological way
  • LinkedIn is what Facebook was at one point with video and LinkedIn will get the hint similar to Facebook

30:49 – Smart Link Tool called SMARTLISTS”

  • You can go in and you can create what he calls a smart list and the smart list is so easy to create right after you set up your own personalized websites.
  • You can create a smart list you can name it you can put images up there you can drop as many videos in there as you’d like it would be a great place for all your social media.
  • All you do is copy the link to to the to the list and all ten or twelve or 40 videos all sit there in one spot.

33:23 – Takeaway from the Show

Use video, Test LinkedIn, Test Facebook!!!

  •  If Facebook has a strategy get some money behind it and take people on LinkedIn and figure out a strategy there put your videos and on YouTube.

We would love to hear from you how your video strategy is working and where your best results with it.



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