Episode 113 – Facebook Ads Set up PROPERLY for Your Biz + Coaching

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In this episode of Business Growth Time, we talked about “Facebook Ads Set up properly for Your Biz + Coaching .”

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Time Stamped Show Notes about Facebook Ads Set up PROPERLY for Your Biz + Coaching:

3:14 – What is Facebook Pixel?

  • It’s actually an HTML code or  called it Facebook HTML code

4:35 – Facebook Advertising

  • One person could say they could correlate a sale to Facebook
  • The bottom line is (A.) strategy and (B)  is a pay-to-play world.
  • 90 plus percent of those people probably had barely spent any money on Facebook

6:52 – Janet’s top of Funnel – Brand awareness piece

  • A lot of businesses focus on is they just throw things out there throw some money behind it booster think it’s their audience and then they look to make sales.
  • Video is the best way in no matter if you’re on LinkedIn or Facebook
  • The video is the best way to really warm people

9:01 – Video ads for YouTube

  • There’s changing the name to Google Ads it’s not going to AdWords anymore its Google ads

10:13 – The breakdown of the Facebook Ads: How Facebook Ads work?

  • One of the new programs will help in all of this  set-up
  • You want to start out with the image or video
  • Short copy works with e-commerce
  • If you don’t know how to write the copy then you probably won’t convert

16:26 – What are Facebook lead ads and how do they work?

Where they can just put their name and email and information phone number right inside Facebook so they don’t have to take me taken to a landing page

16:40 – The Ads set level

  • The Ads level is where the campaign level is what’s your goal.

*What’s your goal? Do you want video viewers, do you want links clicks to the website? Do you want conversion campaigns? That’s where you pick your goal.!

  • The Ads level is where placement is and placement can make or break an ad too.

*Do you want it on Facebook? Do you want it on Instagram? Do you want it in the Instagram story only? These different places that you can put an ad.!

  • Boost is that you don’t have the control over where exactly it’s going and it goes automatically to desktop and mobile 90% of the time.

19:12 – The power of Video: So why is video so compelling? What makes it so special?

  • It allows for that authenticity it allows for you to be in real-time it allows for people to get a feel for who you are what you’re about and what you can do for them.

20:36 –  How to Set Up an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign?

  • There are more things to get your Facebook ads set up properly, but placements is a very big area and that’s where you put your targeting.

Basically, who that audience is or if you want to retarget your video viewers or whatever that is that’s in the Ads set level and the Ads level is where you create your creative and your copy.

21:46 – Why Janet’s are on the Facebook Ads program?

  • Janet has done a lot of things on Facebook Ads
  • She had a full management obviously for a long time for clients
  • She had set the expectations for people that I work with that you will have to test them at the beginning and until you figure it out you might not be making your money back

*What is the cost of that?

  • More costly than what most small businesses can afford.
  • She did a two-day workshop where she trained people for two full days
  • She had do-it-yourself training in social strategies 101 if somebody just wants to go learn it and watch the video tutorials and apply what they learned.
  • You need to be a creative person and the other we call it like artists and scientists

26:16 – Janet’s clients on the Facebook Ads program: CLIENT’S TESTIMONIAL

Some people just want to do it for themselves and some people aren’t ready to spend the money that’s fine! It will take investment but you know what I look at it’s an investment it is not just throwing away money you know it’s an investment in getting leads and sales for your business that can grow and grow.

  • The bottom line is it’s a set-up plus coaching.
  • You have the foundation in place so that you can really grow your business with the Facebook Ads.
  • If you are looking for PPC by far it’s it’s still much more cost effective in Google

If you’re interested in setting up and discovered go with me to just talk further about this out:

30:07 – What Janet offer on Facebook Ads set up properly:

  • They have a five-week and a nine-week program
  • It’s not a 6-month year contract commitment or anything like that it’s just a one-time fee.
  • They have two levels of payments, a 997 level and then a higher level.

The Janet E Johnson agency has worked with a number of small and worldwide businesses over the years, helping them reach their audience and grow their businesses through successful campaigns. We’ve grown Facebook Pages to 50+K Fans and reached and engaged millions of targeted audiences for clients.

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