Episode 119 – Transition from Job to Entrepreneur with Brenda Meller

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In this episode of Business Growth Time, we talked about the “Transition from Job to Entrepreneur with Brenda Meller.”

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About Brenda Meller:

Brenda Meller is the Owner and Marketing Consultant at Meller Marketing, which provides marketing and social media support for individuals and businesses, specializing in LinkedIn. She has been leveraging social media to propel her personal and professional efforts for over ten years, and now blends this experience with her marketing expertise to help clients achieve their goals.

You can find Brenda Meller and Meller Marketing online on all the major social media channels. Someday soon, she will complete her next goal of writing a book on LinkedIn.

Other Important Facts: Brenda loves coffee, chocolate, and pie. In her downtime, she
enjoys jigsaw puzzles. Connect with Brenda: www.linkedin.com/in/brendameller


Time Stamped Show Notes:

5:6 – How Brenda & Terry know each other

  • They met 8 t0 10 years ago at a social media conference

6:27 – How she get into Entrepreneurship?

  • She has been a marketer throughout of her career
  • She remembers hearing an expression on her college days  “You get your first job out of college to have a job, you get your second job to get out of that first job and you get your third job, which is a job that you really want.
  • She wanted to show others how to unlock the power of the network and to use it more successfully
  • She would recall back in 2008, that Facebook was kind of in its infancy then and she was very  apprehensive and she was an anti-Facebook person at that time

9:34 – How she get into a social media world

  • It started off with social media management and then she started with blogging from time to time
  • She started getting approached from people on her network who were looking for help on Social media or marketing

Brenda says that… “The challenge of finding a better, a different job, whether was finding something that was just as rewarding and fulfilling, it had been such a great experience.!

12:07 – How important it is just to be open to opportunity

  • Terry says that…”We don’t hear it knock, we don’t open the door. If we hear it, we don’t walk through the door,  if we hear it and open it.  We figure out ways to shy away from, or back down.”

15:12 – What’s Brenda’s point of view on the world of entrepreneurship?

  • Brenda says that…”It was always in the back of her mind that this would be something cool to do and she never really thought it could be possible.”!
  • She was doing mainly free and unpaid for public speaking and would do it as a representative of the college

19:10 – How she become a Professional Networker

  • She got to network with a lot of marketing and digital professionals in Metro Detroit.
  • She just kept active and kept out there and a lot of those conversations turned into a referral opportunities.

20:56 – The background of Meller Marketing”

  • The Meller Marketing interns are helping her with this project today.
  • In the beginning, the interns were just more of her brand personality

Marketing and social media consulting. LinkedIn training and coaching. They help people and businesses optimize their marketing and social media.

23:32 – Brenda’s advice on Ways to Get Referrals

  • She always tells people that she’s not a good salesperson but she understands marketing.
  • She’s always been a big believer in the whole concept of social media karma.
  • It’s really more about helping her network giving them tips, giving them resources.

28:47 – Social Media Algorithms

  • There’s an algorithm that runs on each of the social networks.
  • Once you get a post that starts to get a lot of engagement, it brings more people to see what are they talking about and then they start chiming in.
  • Start the post with the comment of five or more words and keep the conversation going and it really helps with your engagement.

33:42 – What Brenda’s typically do in a business and to help a client?

  • She helps people and businesses with marketing and social media and she specializes in LinkedIn
  • On the business side, it’s usually the organizations that have a need for marketing or social media and either don’t have the depth of knowledge in-house to do it on their own.
  • She does focus on the basics of marketing and establishing social media and on the LinkedIn side, how to optimize it for your path, helps the experience rich, but not extremely tech.

37:08 – Where to find Brenda Miller

  • You can find Brenda Meller and Meller Marketing online on all the major social media
    channels. Someday soon, she will complete her next goal of writing a book on LinkedIn.

38:28 –  The Social Media Pie 

  • She brings the pie and offers it for a prize.
  • It’s just this uniter of people and it’s just a fun item that it’s not really an addition to my business, it is a part of her personality.
  • She loves coffee, chocolate, and pie.

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