Episode 117 – How to Work Trade Shows with John Bullard Sr

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In this episode of Business Growth Time, we talked about “How to Work Trade Shows with John Bullard Sr.”

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About John Bullard Sr:

I have over 30 years experience with buying and selling with Trade shows. I am an author, public speaker, and entrepreneur with many successful businesses under my belt. I was blessed to overcome medical issues over the past 4 years that allowed me the blessing of continuing to do my work of helping others. Life is to short push forward and live your dreams. I started my webinar show prosellertalk.com to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs grow successfully with the most recent strategies, tools and tips, I have a close knit family, my beautiful wife Esther married 35 years and two wonderful sons. The oldest is a successful entrepreneur and the youngest works in our Fulfillment Center (myfulfillmentteam.com) alongside my wife who runs the business. I do have two awesome grandchildren who are wise beyond their years and keep me young.


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

30:00 – Let get to know John Bullard Sr

  • John says life is short so push forward and live your dreams!

4:27 – Trade shows and how to utilize trade shows

  • There are big trade shows out there like A.S.D. that Javits Center 
  • John advised that you go first into smaller trade shows like  Dallas Market, Chicago.
  • John believed that if you find something just because it sells you won’t stay with it if you don’t love it, you gotta love what you’re doing.
  • There are over ten thousand trade shows in the U.S per year
  • There are all trade shows of all different things

08:32 – You have to have a WHY

  • We have the choice and what we want to do with the twenty-four hours
  • You have to have that why, what is your why? what is burning inside you? and why do you want to do it?
  • So, you need to have data that data is what you want.
  • You don’t need a big audience to sell these, you just you need a targeted audience.
  • Do keyword research and when you do that you’re going to see things come up

12:50 – Successful Trade Show tips

  • Careful planning and research can go a long way towards ensuring a successful showing at your next trade show.
  • Amazon is the biggest market out there
  • Bring it to market-based on data not because Amazon doesn’t have it still has to be based on data
  • Testing allows you to get more data it allows you to see the market and it allows you to not jump in with both feet

15:56 – Why he stay away from a company that tells him that he can buy the case?

  • You’ve got to think of this as a business and not a hobby.
  • If the point of entry is harder to get to, not everyone is going to do it.

18:54 – Getting Through Gatekeepers to License Your Products

  • You can start going after influencers in Facebook group.
  • Influencers and then a group can get into the admin
  • When you go viral and you don’t need Amazon anymore because now you’re selling it through influencers .
  • It’s going to be going to influencers that have the big audience
  • It doesn’t just work with products it can work with services too
  • The gatekeepers are the ones or the influencers are the ones that are going to make it happen for you

23:08 –  How do you prepare for a trade show

  • When you have a business card you will professional you look like you’re there so you have business cards and you have a tax ID number with you.

24:15 – Trade Show Marketing Success For Small Businesses

  • Competition takes the price there are different types of sellers out there.
  • Know your business model when you go into a trade show, know what you’re trying to do.
  • If you’re looking for a high volume you’ll sell more but you’ll make less money but you could end up making more money if the volume is there to support you sell.

27:37 – Trade shows in small business: Pros and Cons

  • Now if you’ve already researched the company would you also can do online you can go into the trade show
  • You have to negotiate you know you need to know your options you need to know that he wants your business just as much as you want their business.

35:51 – Where to find John Bullard Sr

  • To learn more about John, visit his website here.
  • For his Facebook, explore here.
  • For his LinkedIn page, check this link.
  • For his Twitter, follow here.
  • For his Pinterest, follow here


A lot of businesses are put off exhibiting at a trade show because of the cost. It’s true – developing a great trade show exhibit, training your staff members, and travelling to the event itself isn’t a very cheap process. However, like most forms of marketing, with the right strategy, a trade show can be a very profitable choice.

In this run-down, we discuss the core benefits of exhibiting at a trade show.




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